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[Video] Incredible Singapore Timelapse Took 3 Years, 10 Terabytes to Make

In just four and a half minutes, Melbourne-born artist Keith Loutit captures three years of change to the Singaporean skyline by way of a stunning timelapse video.

Loutit began documenting his adopted home on film, traveling to 70 different locations over the years to record the Lion City's progress. For the artist, this project was about helping Singaporean residents, many of whom live in towering, symmetrical apartment blocks, to see their home in a new light.

"People who live in HDB estates may miss the inherent beauty in these landscapes," Loutit told the Straits Times.

To complete the herculean task of recording the city's development, Loutit spent hours traveling around town on public transportation with his camera gear. While the work was not always glamorous – "I could feel how hot construction workers get" – Loutit managed to amass a staggering 10 terabytes of raw data, which he then used to create the futuristic film.

Even so, Loutit estimates only 25% of the one million photos captured wound up in his timelapse.

"I overshot," he told Bokeh. As for the remaining footage, Loutit plans to use this as part of a public installation with a video wall, on which different sections of footage will play on a loop. "It’ll be in what appears to be a random fashion so you can see the whole country changing in one place."

Take a look at the fascinating transformation of Singapore, as captured by Loutit, below:

[Video via Vimeo user Keith Loutit]

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