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After 3 Days of Rain, Historic Flooding Disrupts Life in Phu Quoc

Three days of heavy rain have resulted in flooding that has forced hundreds of families in numerous areas of Phu Quoc to evacuate.

The Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia received more than 200mm of rain per day from Friday through Sunday, according to VnExpress. Continuing into Tuesday, the downpours have produced chest-high waters and sent residents onto boats in search of safety.

Cua Duong, Cua Can and Duong To communes have been the hardest hit, and police, border guards and military officials have been mobilized to assist with evacuation efforts as some areas have become isolated by the rising water. Power to some locations was cut for safety reasons.

While August is typically part of the rainy season for Phu Quoc, the unprecedented flooding may be due to recent man-made developments on the island. As it grows into an international tourism hotspot, the necessary infrastructure to deal with waste and runoff lags behind.  

One local resident told Tuoi Tre: “There was rain-caused flooding in the past, but it was not as serious as the current deluge because streams and canals had yet to be encroached on.”

Canals and rivers illegally blocked by businesses or clogged with household rubbish are contributing to the issue as well. 

Numerous local businesses have shared that business typically slows during this time of the season, but the flooding is making matters even worse.

On Tuesday, the rainfall continued with no signs of letting up. And while up to 500 people have been reportedly displaced, as of now there are no reported casualties.

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