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Vietnam's Fresh Graduates Earn More in 2018, but Still Less Than ASEAN Peers

The study was done by JobStreet, a Malaysia-based online job portal that has operations in five Southeast Asian countries.

According to the report, which looked at 40,000 job advertisements posted on JobStreet in the first six months of 2018, the average salary for newly graduated Vietnamese ranges from US$250 to US$380 while Singaporean fresh graduates enjoy an average range from US$1,480 to US$2,090.

Compared to 2017, Vietnam's average salary for fresh graduates increased from US$225 at the lowest average and US$345 as the highest average, yet the country still offers lower salary ranges than other countries in the study including Malaysia (US$493–$716) and Thailand (US$605–S$961). Indonesia is the only country with a lower average salary for new graduates than Vietnam, at US$225.

The report also found that the average salaries in Vietnam for junior employees with one to three years of experience, managers and high-level executive officers have increased while senior employees and specialists' salaries have decreased compared to 2017. According to VnExpress, while Malaysian employers offer better pay to non-managerial positions, due to high demand, Vietnam's salary offered to managers and above shows a stark increase, from US$1,830–$2,663 in 2017 to US$2,380–$3,564 in 2018.

The study also lists the top five industries that pay the highest average salary to new graduates, which includes: real estate (US$378–$629), information technology (US$296–$479), secretary (US$286–US$415), food technology and nutrition (US$280–$406) and sales and finance (US$280–$449).  

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