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Vietnam Drops 5 Places in Talent Attraction, Retention Index

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), compiled by the Bussiness of the World (INSEAD), looks at 125 countries and 114 cities.

In its 2019 edition, Vietnam scores 33.41 out of 100 and ranks 92nd out of 125 countries. The GTCI score was determined by four main pillars, which are the ability to enable, grow, attract and retain talents. Factors such as vocational, technical skills and global knowledge are also taken into account.

To measure the ability to enable talents, the report examines each country's regulatory landscape, market landscape and business landscape. While Vietnam's scores are above average in factors such as political stability, ease of doing business, ease of hiring, ease of redundancy, business-government relations and competition intensity, the country's scores in regulatory framework quality, research and development expenditure, labor-employer cooperation and professional management are low.

The ability to grow talents is Vietnam's worst out of the four pillars. The country only scores high in the reading, math and science criteria under the assessment of its formal education. The rest of the criteria in Vietnam's formal education, along with the GCTI's examination of its ability to provide lifelong learning and access to growth opportunities, are abysmal.

Sustainability and lifestyle are two criteria used to determine the score for talent retention. Vietnam does well in personal safety and sanitation, but badly in assessments of the pension system, physician density and environmental performance.

Vietnam's ability to attract talent on the index shows internal openness towards women — a high percentage of female graduates and a low gender earning gap. However, leadership opportunities for women remain low. Other notable findings include a very low score in international migrant stock and students and below average scores for social mobility and tolerance towards immigrants.

Last year, Vietnam achieved a slightly higher score of 35.55 and hence, a better ranking at 87th.

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