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Leaked Photo of Couple Having Sex in CGV Theater Raises Privacy Concerns

A CGV representative confirmed that the photo was leaked by one of its staff.

On July 29, a photo of a couple allegedly having sex on a Sweetbox seat — a seat-bed hybrid designed for couples — in a CGV theater went viral in many private public groups on social media, Zing reports. The news source, however, doesn't specify in which CGV cineplex the photo (link is SFW) was taken.

According to a CGV representative, the screenshot was extracted from a video footage from the theater's CCTV and leaked by one of the employees.

"While going over the CCTV footage to find a customer's wallet, one of our staff members leaked the photo. After the incident, we temporarily suspended this employee. We will call a meeting in order to come to a decision regarding this behavior," the representative said.

Nonetheless, the photo caused a public conversation over privacy and public indecency. Many criticized the couple for their lascivious public behavior. The incident also has many worried about their personal privacy as not many were aware of the presence of CCTV in the theater.  

Speaking to Zing, an anonymous lawyer informed that sexual intercourse in public space doesn't constitute a criminal offense. Neither does planting cameras in the theater for management purposes. However, publicizing images from a CCTV footage could get the perpetrator sentenced to two years in jail for insulting others. If the photo constitutes pornography, he or she can also be charged with publicizing and broadcasting pornography. 

As to whether who could be held responsible for the photo leakage, lawyer Nguyen Van Du from the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association said: "If a member of CGV staff committed the offense, CGV has to be the one that will compensate for the victims. The company can ask this employee to repay the compensation in accordance with the civil law."

[Photo via Creative Commons] 

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