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Cham Villas Boutique Luxury Resort – An Oasis of Serenity by the Beach

Lounging on a shady veranda surrounded by birdsong, or reclining on an expanse of pristine sand that stretches into the cool ocean without another soul in sight – few daydreams are more enticing than what it would be like to own a private seaside getaway. Thanks to their immaculately maintained grounds, carefully arranged rooms, and Western-tailored restaurants, Cham Villas in Mui Ne provides the experience of seclusion and serenity of a personal vacation spot to its visitors.

Palm trees buttressed by flowering bushes line the path from the reception to each of the resort’s private villas and beach. Along the way, guests are met with the sounds of the nearby surf and chortling birds. Huge stretches of verdant grass beg for bare toes on either side. To ensure the health of the plush lawn, the staff at Cham Villas tend to the landscaping every day using hand clippers, electric trimmers and brooms so as to not disturb the resort’s peaceful atmosphere.

Binh Thuan Province, where Mui Ne is located, was at the center of the Champa Empire, which dominated the region for hundreds of years. In homage to the region’s history and the ruins that remain in the area, Shiva, Ganesh and celestial nymphs are depicted on stone sculptures crafted by Cham artists, which are spread throughout the grounds. Beyond its name and featured sculptures, the resort pays respect to Cham traditions through brick archways and open-air buildings reminiscent of the culture’s distinct architecture.

The Cham remnants represent just some of the unique aspects of the resort that are the result of family ownership. Because the designers of the resort are a German-Vietnamese couple, they were able to create a vibe based on instinct and personal preferences, rather than costs or corporate guidelines. For example, before selecting the ceramic tiles for the large pool, they built three small sample pools to observe how they fit into the surroundings. The chosen handmade green tiles transform the pool into a lagoon encircled by flowers and ferns. Similarly, the open-air spa, nestled between palm trees, looks onto a handmade fountain that contributes the rhythmic babble of water to any massage or other relaxing treatment.

In addition to filling the area with colorful flowers and inviting songbirds, the resort’s lush vegetation provides each guest with complete privacy. The resort contains only 18 villas, each of which stands independently and sheltered within plant groves. While sitting on their veranda’s couches or chairs, guests feel as if they are in private gardens, isolated in the idyllic tropical environment.

The resort’s focus on nature reappears inside the villas themselves. The glass shower wall of each bathroom overlooks a private garden, and tiny pots of healthy grass add a dash of green to the chic interiors. Enormous windowed-doors can be opened to let in ample sunshine or ocean breezes. When guests enter for the first time, they will immediately notice the clean aroma of lemongrass - it’s a small touch the hotel staff provides to ensure the stay is memorable. Similarly, they bring fresh fruit every morning and freshen the interior twice daily.

This careful attention to small details is what the hotel prides itself on, which is best seen in their maintenance of the beach. Staff carefully sift the white sand, removing debris and irregularities so guests can enjoy striding across barefoot while taking in the breathtaking sunrise. To further ensure the resort retains a peaceful atmosphere, the beach’s bar closes every day at 5pm, so that when the night sky fills with stars, a relaxed silence settles in the area.

Even when the bar closes, guests can still have food and cocktails delivered to the beach from one of the two on-site restaurants. Cham Garden restaurant is situated in the middle of the resort, but still invites guests from outside. The open-air locale serves a diverse array of international and Vietnamese dishes specifically tailored by the long-tenured chefs to appeal to Western as well as Asian pallets. Each hearty serving comes with an ample portion of often-imported meats complemented by fresh local fruits and vegetables. For example, the rich Vietnamese curry, which substitutes potatoes for sweet potatoes, and fried shrimp wrapped in succulent beef served alongside garlic bread represent the blending of local dishes with foreign preferences.

Ratinger Löwe, the resort’s authentic German restaurant, stands as a one-of-a-kind locale in the city. Cham Villa’s owner named it after his hometown, for which he was bestowed the position of Culinary Ambassador to Phan Thiet by the mayor. The restaurant’s logo is identical to the city’s crest, and numerous paintings inside the warm, red-brick restaurant showcase the quaint German town the eatery is named after. Guests can also sit outside and enjoy a refreshing imported beer on the patio before sampling German dishes prepared in both northern and southern styles. Highlights include traditional roasts, schnitzel, sauerkraut and many varieties of sausages, all of which are made in-house and use the restaurant’s exclusive smokehouse. A butcher was even flown in for a month-long residency to train the chefs on how to authentically create the delicacies.

From the early sunrise that spills across the resort’s beach to the trees bursting with purple flowers which arch over the lantern-lined walkway, the many pleasures of Cham Villas are made all the easier to enjoy because of the seclusion that ensconces the resort. While the staff is always friendly and attentive, thanks to the layout and size, guests often feel completely alone and free to savor the sights, tastes and sensations of this relaxing oasis.


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