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Dr. Plastic, the Hanoi Duo Who Give New Life to Single-Use Plastic

Plastic pollution is considered one of the main environmental threats to our planet’s health.

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Vietnam to Clampdown on Illegal Wildlife Trade Amid Virus Fears

With the scientist community in general agreement that 2019’s novel coronavirus emerged out of a wet market in Wuhan where live animals were slaughtered, governments in both China and Vietnam are taking action against the trading of illegal wildlife.

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How Vietnam Is Trying to Save Its Beloved Giant Yangtze Softshell Turtles

Eighty-eight-year-old Le Huy Hoanh stands up from his bench and carefully poured tea in rural Vietnam, and mimes for us how he used to kill gods.

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[Video] Rescued Pangolin Gives Birth in Vietnamese Sanctuary

For the first time ever, a baby Chinese pangolin ( Manis pentadactyla ) was born in a captive environment at the  Save...

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[Photos] A Somehow-Spacious Tiny Apartment in Hanoi

Aesthetic pleasure doesn't fall prey to functionality and a dearth of square meters in this tiny Hanoi apartment. 

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Local Engineers Develop Vietnamese-Language Site to Track Corona Cases in Real Time

The online map was developed by a group of five Vietnamese engineers from Kompa Group, a tech company based in Vietnam and Silicon Valley.

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Vietnam Will Have Harsher Dry Season, Fewer Typhoons in 2020, Experts Say

The harsh dry season is predicted to impact all three regions of the country.