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Vietnam to Clampdown on Illegal Wildlife Trade Amid Virus Fears

With the scientist community in general agreement that 2019’s novel coronavirus emerged out of a wet market in Wuhan where live animals were slaughtered, governments in both China and Vietnam are taking action against the trading of illegal wildlife.

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How Vietnam Is Trying to Save Its Beloved Giant Yangtze Softshell Turtles

Eighty-eight-year-old Le Huy Hoanh stands up from his bench and carefully poured tea in rural Vietnam, and mimes for us how he used to kill gods.

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[Video] Rescued Pangolin Gives Birth in Vietnamese Sanctuary

For the first time ever, a baby Chinese pangolin ( Manis pentadactyla ) was born in a captive environment at the  Save...

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[Photos] A Somehow-Spacious Tiny Apartment in Hanoi

Aesthetic pleasure doesn't fall prey to functionality and a dearth of square meters in this tiny Hanoi apartment. 

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Local Engineers Develop Vietnamese-Language Site to Track Corona Cases in Real Time

The online map was developed by a group of five Vietnamese engineers from Kompa Group, a tech company based in Vietnam and Silicon Valley.

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Vietnam Will Have Harsher Dry Season, Fewer Typhoons in 2020, Experts Say

The harsh dry season is predicted to impact all three regions of the country.

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Being Human: Facing the Black Mirror of Technology Addiction

The second edition of ‘Being Human,’ our new series dedicated to mental health, focuses on the growing issue of technology addiction.

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Hanoi’s Motorcycle Rescue Team Saves Motorists From Nighttime Breakdowns

Ever wanted someone to rescue you when you get a flat tire on a dark, rainy night?

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Hanoi Sees Slight Rise in Cases of Dengue Fever

This month, 41 cases of dengue fever were recorded in Hanoi between August 6 and 12, as stated by the city’s Department of Health.

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Hanoi to Spend $2.6m Conserving Co Loa Historic Complex

The project includes the central Co Loa Citadel along with surrounding constructions in Co Loa, Duc Tu, Viet Hung and Uy No communes of Dong Anh District.

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[Photos] MIA Design Studio's Dream Office Erases Boundary Between Interior and Exterior

Located next to the Saigon River in Binh Thanh District, MIA Design Studio's office is simple, open and efficient.

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[Photos] This West Lake House Is the Perfect Place for a Weekend Getaway

Sometimes you need a home away from home.

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[Photos] Maison T: A Dream Bachelor Pad in Hanoi

Nghia-Architect has unveiled an inviting new home called Maison T in Hanoi’s Dong Da District.

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Typing Vietnamese, Part 2: The Vietnamese Diaspora, Unicode and the Ubiquity of Unikey

This is part 2 of our two-part series on the history of Vietnamese-centric typing technologies. Part 1 can be accessed here.

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Vietnam Is Taking Bold New Steps to Reduce Emissions, Including Utilizing Pig Waste

While a controversial suggestion to reduce emissions by banning motorbikes in the capital by 2030 has been suggested, some in Vietnam are also beginning to create biogas from pig waste.

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Hanoi Opens First Private Robotic Surgery Clinic

Medical automation has officially arrived in the capital.

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[Photos] Hanging out at Nha Trang’s Breezy Container Hostel

Anyone who’s traveled Vietnam on a shoestring knows hostels are not necessarily the most glamorous of accommodations. Nha Trang’s Ccasa Hostel, however, goes against this standard with its bright and ...

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Google Maps Introduces Motorbike-Specific Navigation Mode in Vietnam

The feature was first developed in India.

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Sophia the Robot’s Message to Vietnam: 'You Are Already Halfway There'

On July 13, an international conference on Industry 4.0 in Hanoi featured Sophia, a social humanoid robot, as a guest speaker, and she had a message for Vietnam.

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[Photos] This Quang Ninh Community Center Is Made From Bamboo and Earth

An architecture firm in Vietnam has proven once again that you can create something aesthetically pleasing and highly useful from the most humble and commonplace materials.

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[Photos] Vo Trong Nghia Transforms Rest Stop Into Bamboo Oasis

Thirty kilometers from Hanoi, local architect and global sensation Vo Trong Nghia recently completed another project fashioned almost entirely out of bamboo.

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Vietnam's First Autonomous Car Project Begins Pilot Phase

Yay or nay?

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Typing Vietnamese, Part 1: Language, Identity and Technology at a Crossroad

My first exposure to the computer traces back to my primary school years when computer classes were conducted once a week. In order to study computers, students had to migrate from their usual classro...

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Sophia the Robot to Give a Presentation in Hanoi Later This Month

Sophia, an AI-equipped social humanoid robot from Hong Kong’s Hanson Robotics Ltd that has been a Saudi Arabian citizen since October 2017, will speak alongside scholars and authorities at an internat...

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[Photos] Da Lat Architects Transform Abandoned House With Transparent Skin

After 20 years of abandonment, this crumbling, countryside Da Lat house was in rough shape. However its owner, whose father had built the structure himself, still had fond memories of the long-empty h...

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[Photos] Take a Tour of Hanoi’s Pint-Sized Architecture Studio

These days, every architecture firm in Vietnam is after pretty much the same thing: trying to bring light, air and more space to the country’s cramped urban buildings.