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Vietnam to Clampdown on Illegal Wildlife Trade Amid Virus Fears

With the scientist community in general agreement that 2019’s novel coronavirus emerged out of a wet market in Wuhan where live animals were slaughtered, governments in both China and Vietnam are taking action against the trading of illegal wildlife.

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How Vietnam Is Trying to Save Its Beloved Giant Yangtze Softshell Turtles

Eighty-eight-year-old Le Huy Hoanh stands up from his bench and carefully poured tea in rural Vietnam, and mimes for us how he used to kill gods.

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[Video] Rescued Pangolin Gives Birth in Vietnamese Sanctuary

For the first time ever, a baby Chinese pangolin ( Manis pentadactyla ) was born in a captive environment at the  Save...

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[Photos] A Somehow-Spacious Tiny Apartment in Hanoi

Aesthetic pleasure doesn't fall prey to functionality and a dearth of square meters in this tiny Hanoi apartment. 

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Local Engineers Develop Vietnamese-Language Site to Track Corona Cases in Real Time

The online map was developed by a group of five Vietnamese engineers from Kompa Group, a tech company based in Vietnam and Silicon Valley.

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Vietnam Will Have Harsher Dry Season, Fewer Typhoons in 2020, Experts Say

The harsh dry season is predicted to impact all three regions of the country.

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Being Human: Facing the Black Mirror of Technology Addiction

The second edition of ‘Being Human,’ our new series dedicated to mental health, focuses on the growing issue of technology addiction.

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Vietnamese Ride-Hailing Service Aber Launches in Hanoi

The latest fully Vietnamese ride-hailing service, Aber, launched in Hanoi last Friday, four months after its first appearance in Saigon.

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Vietnam Launches Mobile Bus With Free Breast Cancer Screening for 8,000 Women Nationwide

A positive note to kickstart the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the anniversary of the Vietnam's Women Union.

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[Photos] Hanoi Architects Unveil Low-Cost House for Vulnerable Communities

In Vietnam’s rural regions, local homesteads are constantly facing threats of natural disasters like flooding and soil erosion. An architecture firm has recently devised an affordable housing project ...

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Apple Suppliers Consider Moving Operation to Vietnam to Escape US-China Trade War

Several major Apple equipment suppliers are considering moving production outside of China amidst the US-China trade war.

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Vietnam Ranks 4th Among Countries With Most Liver Cancer-Related Deaths: WHO

Due to heavy drinking, lack of awareness and insufficient early screening, 20,000 Vietnamese die of the liver cancer every year.

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Nearly One-Third of All Vietnamese Suffer From Mental Health Problems

Roughly 30% of Vietnamese people are suffering from mental health problems, with depression rating as the most common.

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Q&A: New British Ambassador Gareth Ward on Improving Education, Inspire Me Festival and Human Trafficking

Gareth Ward took up his role as the British Ambassador this July. He’s already enamored himself to the Vietnamese public on social media through his Vietnamese language skills, and photos of him havin...

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[Photos] Welcome to Vung Tau's Leafy Green Dream House

A Saigon-based architecture firm has designed a house that seamlessly merges nature and living space in one.

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[Photos] 22.House: An Homage to Vietnamese Modernist Architecture

Situated near Nha Trang's central market, this creation from architecture firm Chon.a serves as a homage to the aesthetics of Vietnamese modernist architecture.

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[Photos] Step Inside Da Lat's Hobbit-Like 'Uncle's House'

This Da Lat abode perfectly blends modern and traditional elements to bring its owners closer to nature.

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[Video] Up Close and Personal With Vietnam's Most Critically Endangered Primates

Vietnam is home to 25 primate species, eight of which are critically endangered. A new video aims to help the public put a face to some of their names.

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[Photos] 'Cricket House' Is a Melting Pot of Nature, Contemporary Design and Hanoi's Rural Charm

Breeze-soothed prairies, caves bathed in moonlight, forests filled with birdsong, succulent flower pollen and fruit trees: before humans constructed homes out of brick and concrete, plaster and s...

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[Photos] Inside the Beautiful Interior of Uu Dam, Hanoi's Vegetarian Oasis

Located a few blocks from Hoan Kiem Lake, Uu Dam Chay is arguably the most beautifully designed restaurant in town.

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Solving Vietnam's Trash Problem One Moving Truck at a Time

Vietnam has a trash problem, and it’s hard to miss. Storm drains are full of discarded plastic from takeaway containers to drink bottles, and the country is among five Asian nations thought to be resp...

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[Photos] Ha Tinh Terraces House Is the Perfect Blend of Agriculture and Architecture

If you've got a green thumb, Ha Tinh’s Terraces Home is right up your alley: the abode integrates residential and gardening spaces to create a bright, well-designed and sustainable living space.

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Spotty Internet Haunts Vietnam as AAG Undersea Cable Breaks Again

Just in time for the upcoming National Day weekend!

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As Interest in Bile Wanes, Rights Groups Rush to Save Remaining Captive Bears

Vietnam’s interest in bear bile is waning, a positive sign signaling the end of the country’s scores of bear farms. However, conservationists are faced with a brand-new set of problems: how to save th...