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Bồ Kết: When Nature Dreams of Bubbles and Silky Hair

The first memory I have of bồ kết was when it was concocted into something completely different from its unassuming, modest self.

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In a Schoolyard, a Close-Knit Community Spearheads Saigon's Archery Scene

Laser-focused gazes, shiny bows, colorful targets, and looking cool as hell: these are the components of a picture-perfect post one might find on the Instagram of any budding archer. But social media clout aside, there are other reasons why outdoor archery is slowly becoming a favorite pastime of some Saigoneers in the “new normal.”

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A Factory Where 'Dead Plastics' Are Reborn as Contemporary Furniture

Urbanist arrived at PLASTICPeople’s factory on a Friday afternoon after a long-winded ride on National Highway 1A. The sides of the road we took there were casually strewn with unpruned bushes, deposits of rocks and, expectedly, a heinous amount of trash, a fitting premonition of what we were about to witness.

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Lêkima: The Flower Worthy of a National Heroine

Don’t you find it bewildering when you have existed for centuries, and are suddenly thrust into stardom due to a small cameo in a nationalist saga?

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Two People, 54 Ethnic Groups, One Photo at a Time

Through their photography project, Vietnam the People, Alden Anderson and Nguyễn Thị Yến Trinh have documented most of the 54 officially recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam.

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Pure Passion Turns Dark: The Unexpected Dangers of the Wild Turtle Trade

Seeking a companion during quarantine, Khánh*, a 25-year-old Hanoian, bought a baby turtle through a Facebook group. 

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Conservation Project Seeks Local Filmmakers to Make Bear Documentary

FOUR PAWS Viet Wildlife Conservation Center is looking for a Vietnamese filmmaker to create a documentary about the stories of their rescued bears at the Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh.

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Chó: The Four National Breeds of Vietnamese Doggos

It’s an inarguable fact that dogs are the purest of animals.

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In the Race to Power Vietnam, Green Energy Grows Faster Than Policies Can Catch Up

For a few months earlier this year, it seemed like there was no stopping the wave of renewable energy projects coming online in Vietnam.

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1,300 Pine Trees in National Park Damaged in Illegal Resin Theft

Resin rapscallions pilfered from hundreds of pine trees in Tam Dao National Park.

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An Ode to Water Hyacinth, Vietnam's Invasive, Beautiful Aquatic Plant

Knotted gnarls of lush stems, leaves, vines; a verdant scrimmage of tangled plant matter kept afloat by buoyant bladders accented by pleats of pink petals that resemble the skirts of ballerinas trappe...

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[Photos] An Open, Airy Home in Da Nang to Ward off Past Claustrophobia

Architects in Da Nang transformed a standard 100-square-meter plot of land into a simple, cozy home for a young couple.

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PM Releases Highly Ambitious Plan to Reduce Coastal Plastic Waste

A highly ambitious new plan aims to dramatically cut down on plastic waste in tourist areas and coastal environments.

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[Photos] A Dreamy Da Nang House to Nurture Future Generations in Nature

Named after Chi and Vi, the daughters of the owners of the house, Chivihouse is the brainchild of the architects at Hinz Studio, based in Saigon and Da Nang.

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New Draft of Medical Treatment Law to Require Foreign Doctors to Speak Vietnamese

Foreign medical professionals working in Vietnam might be required to learn Vietnamese in the future.

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Proposed Hai Phong–China Train Route Raises Concerns Over Hefty Price Tag

From Hai Phong, the 390-kilometer line would run through Hanoi and Lao Cai before reaching China’s Hekou County.

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Malaysia's Last Remaining Sumatran Rhino Dies

Roughly 80 members of the species remain in the wild, all in Indonesia.

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[Photos] Above Quang Ngai’s Red Roof House, a Vegetable Garden Thrives

The house was built for a middle-aged couple in their 50s who have been living in the area for most of their lives.

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Serious Drought Expected to Hit Lower Mekong Countries Through Early 2020

The next few months could be rough for regional agriculture. 

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Vietnam Bans Drones Near Airports After 2 Airplanes Mysteriously Dented

After two commercial flights were seemingly struck by drones, authorities have banned the remote-controlled zip-dive-hover-spinny-boxes in areas surrounding airports across the country.

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Environment Ministry Officials Propose Plastic Bag Tax

Would it help break Vietnam's plastic addiction?

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Huge Flock of Endangered Bird Species Appears in Dong Nai

To quote Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, "Life, uh, finds a way."

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Fourth Person Dies of Swine Flu This Year, Dozens Quarantined

A Buddhist nun in the Central Highlands died of swine flu on Tuesday, bringing the total number of deaths caused by the disease this year to four.

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E-Waste: How the Ghosts of iPhones Past Haunt Vietnam's Low-Income Communities

The current e-waste crisis in Vietnam is one example of global environmental apartheid.

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Hanoi Should Clamp Down on Single-Use Plastic, Experts Say

In a meeting last Friday, experts warned Hanoi authorities about the city’s growing plastic waste problem.

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The Campaign Aiming to End Vietnam's Gruesome Buffalo Fights

Sharpened horns, gashed eyes and slashed skin are hallmarks of buffalo fighting festivals that animal rights organizations are trying to close down.

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Vo Trong Nghia Studio Wins Dezeen’s 'Architect of the Year' Award

Vo Trong Nghia and his studio have established a reputation both in Vietnam and elsewhere for incorporating local and inexpensive materials in their designs.

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Being Human: How Can We Cope With Climate Change Grief?

Urbanist Hanoi is proud to announce ‘Being Human,’ our new series dedicated to mental health.