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With his role as a picture editor for National Geographic, Wilbur E. Garrett had many opportunities to travel across Vietnam for photo assignments.

Garrett’s yearly Vietnam visits from 1960 to 1968 produced a sizeable collection of snapshots taken in various provinces from north to south. Moreover, his position also granted him use of US aircraft, as evidenced by the few breathtaking aerial shots of Vietnam’s lush landscape.

Feast your eyes on this set of photos from his trips to the Mekong Delta, Da Lat, Da Nang, etc.

Women in áo dài enjoy a breezy walk on a beach in Nha Trang, 1961.

Flooded rice paddy fields in the Mekong Delta, 1968.

Children eat their lunch in Can Tho, 1961.

An old cemetery with circular tombs near Da Nang, 1961.

Buddhist practitioners pray for peace, 1961.

A female dancer in a festival in Hue (left) and the event's musicians (right).

Inspecting a harvest of onions in Da Lat, 1961.

A small farming community in Da Nang, 1961.

A Rhade man in Buon Ma Thuot smokes a crooked pipe near a longhouse, 1961.

Series of barges on Cho Gao Canal in Tien Giang Province (left) and the founding monk of Ben Tre Province's Coconut People sect (right), 1968.

Caodaism followers participate in a religious ceremony at the Cao Dai Great Temple in Tay Ninh Province, 1961.

Women from the Dao ethnic group in Buon Me Thuot take care of their children, 1961.

Farmers water rows of lush lettuce at a farm in Da Lat, 1961.

Children pray for peace (left) and a canal in the Mekong Delta (right), 1968.

An island shrine of Coconut People sect in Con Phung, Ben Tre Province.

A neighborhood in Nha Trang with many colorful signs and banners advertising new movie release.

[Photos by Wilbur E. Garrett via Flickr user manhhai]

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