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Hanoi Eases Lockdown Restrictions, Reopens Malls, Barbershops

Starting at 6am today, Hanoi began applying social distancing rules under the previous Directive 15, allowing various shops to reopen and businesses to function at 50% capacity.

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19 Districts in Hanoi Allowed to Reopen Shops, Takeaway Service

Starting at noon today, districts with no new COVID-19 community transmission cases since September 6 are allowed to reopen various businesses and restaurants.

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Hanoi Extends Lockdown for 2 More Weeks in 10 Central Districts

After September 6, 10 districts in the city's center with the highest risk of COVID-19 infection will continue with strict Directive 16 lockdown until September 21.

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Amid Worsening Outbreaks Elsewhere, Hanoi Pauses Its Reopening Roadmap

Bia hơi, gyms and karaoke need to wait until further notice.

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Hanoi CDC to Propose Reopening of Non-Essential Businesses

With the COVID-19 outbreak in the city evidently under control, Hanoi’s health authorities are proposing to reopen a few non-essential services.

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The Average Height of Vietnamese Children Increased, but So Did Obesity Rates

Vietnam's children are getting taller, but also wider.

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Hanoi Overtakes Saigon as Vietnam's Most Expensive City, Statistics Office Says

Hanoi's cost of living is currently the highest in Vietnam.

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