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Mobile Sensation 'Adorable Home' Adds Vietnamese as Language Option

Considering how much attention the game has received from Vietnamese players, this update seems inevitable.

In a recent update, the mobile game Adorable Home has added Vietnamese as a language option in response to the simulation game’s explosive popularity in the Southeast Asian country. The update is available on devices running Android and iOS, though observant players have noticed a few hiccups in the translations.

Developed by HyperBeard and LakeQueen, Adorable Home was released in November last year as a casual simulation game focusing on the family-building theme. At the beginning of the game, the main character moves to a new home with their partner and a cat named Snow. There are four female and four male avatars to be chosen for both the main character and their partner, allowing for same-sex relationships.

Players can’t interact with their human roommate, but can prepare bento boxes for whenever they leave for work to gain “love,” the game’s only currency. This can also be gained through mini games with the feline residents, who will need pets, baths and some chaotic nail-clipping sessions, just like in real life. Over the course of the game, players can purchase various types of furniture and adopt more cats using “love” — think The Sims meets Neko Atsume, while other animals make appearances as well.

Adorable Home focuses on achieving domestic bliss by taking care of pets, making food for your partner and hanging around at home doing nothing.

Developer LakeQueen told Zing that they’re working on an extension that will add an unlockable bathroom to a player’s virtual home. There are currently three available home areas: the lounge is available from the start, while the garden and bedroom can be unlocked with “love.” Has Adorable Home revolutionized the concept of real estate and home improvements?

Since its release, Adorable Home has excited users from across Southeast Asia, and Vietnam is no exception. At the moment, there are three separate Adorable Home Vietnam groups on Facebook with a total membership of more than 400,000. Members exchange cat screenshots, post memes and even voice complaints about their virtual beau or babe — some of the best grievances include “he just fishes all day and ignores me” and “he says he’s going to work, but it’s 2am. Is he walking the streets?”.

[Top photo via Zing]

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