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[Photos] Immerse in the Nostalgia of Tet Past With These Black-and-White Snapshots

It's Vietnamese New Year's Eve today, but before the meals, games and temple visits begin, let’s take a field trip back to old Vietnam to see how our ancestors celebrated the country's biggest annual holiday.

This photo collection, compiled by image archivist extraordinaire manhhai, features a plethora of snapshots taken on Hanoi streets in the late 1920s and a few scenes of Tet in Saigon in the 1940s. Despite some differences in the way residents of the two metropolises prepare for Tet, citizens nationwide agree that with a new year comes new opportunities and time to relax, be it with festive activities or just hearty comfort food.

As evidenced by the photo montage, even back then, Lunar New Year has always been a time for splurging on home ornaments, flowers, and fruit displays to ensure that one’s household welcomes the new year with the best looking homestead and most joyous attitude. The latter could be spotted in shots of family gatherings in Hanoi and lion dance routines performed in Saigon.

See how Vietnamese in past decades celebrated Tet in the photo collection below:

[Photos via Flicker user manhhai]

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