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No Pets, No Vendors, No Vulgarities: Hanoi Proposes New Pedestrian Plaza Restrictions

The spacious pedestrian plaza in Hoan Kiem District has become a hot hangout for locals, but with that popularity also comes numerous nuisances.

On September 11, Hoan Kiem officials held a press conference to report on the results after two years of implementing the Hoan Kiem pedestrian zone on a trial basis, reports Zing.

According to Deputy Chairman of the Hoan Kiem People’s Committee Đinh Hồng Phong, while the trial has been successful in providing a much-need public space for Hanoians, there are still many problems to be addressed.

Phong named the prevalence of unmuzzled pets, impromptu musical performances, beggars, littering, traffic congestion, and illegal street vendors as leading factors hampering visitor experience.

Still, Chairman Dương Đức Tuấn said during the meeting that the district is planning to expand the zone in all directions, beginning with a northward extension to the Old Quarter, already a popular night entertainment destination.

To tackle the aforementioned setbacks, Hoan Kiem authorities came up with a proposal and are seeking citizen input regarding the many policies to be imposed.

Specifically, visitors to the pedestrian plaza won’t be allowed to bring pets into the area anymore as verbal reminders to use the required muzzles have not been effective. Visitors are also required to wear appropriate attire and refrain from acting vulgarly or using obscene expletives. Swimming and fishing in Hoan Kiem Lake is banned while hawkers, shoe-shiners, and beggars are not welcomed.

Personal vehicles are not allowed to enter, stop or park in the designated zone and all sports or performance events must seek prior permission from district authorities.

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