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Hanoi Railway Launches New Site for Online Ticket Booking

Hanoi Railway (HARACO) and online payment provider NganLuong.vn have teamed up to offer a new online booking and payment site for train tickets.

As of this month, customers will be able to book tickets online from a new website, so long as the system doesn’t completely derail. The provider claims the new site will offer a quicker and more secure platform for purchasing tickets and all people buying tickets through the site in August will be offered a 5% discount.

“The cooperation with NganLuong.vn to expand our payment gateway is designed to improve services and quality as well as diversify payment channels to bring convenience and safety to passengers,” a representative from HARACO said.

While it was already possible to book tickets online from sites such as 12go.asia, baolau or the Vietnam Railways system, as well as tour agents, there is often an extra fee for booking online, and many customers end up getting their signals crossed.

Around 9 million passengers reportedly use Vietnam’s railways each year, and booking online tickets is apparently becoming increasingly popular. It is, after all, 2019.

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