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Prior to Complete Ban, Hanoi to Trial Motorbike Restrictions on Central Streets

On specific roads where public transport will soon be capable of serving traffic demand, a trial ban on motorbikes could be enforced at some point in the future.

According to Hanoi Transport Department Director Vu Van Vien, the roads being considered for the trial ban are Nguyen Trai and Le Van Luong streets, where the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line begins. Hanoi’s Bus Rapid Transit route also serves the area.

The Chinese construction company behind Hanoi’s long-delayed project recently called for the train line to officially open next month.  

Vien also said, however, that authorities are in no rush to make changes, and will run feasibility studies and consult public opinion before making any restrictions concrete, VnExpress reports.

"For cars, the city wants to raise parking fees in the downtown areas and impose a charge to enter some areas where traffic jams usually happen," Vien said.

Authorities plan to ban motorbikes in the center of Hanoi by 2030. The multi-phase project involves the highly controversial ban on motorbikes and also other stipulations regarding the use of cars, taxis and public transport in the city.

Late last year, authorities also proposed congestion charges for private vehicles entering congested areas of central districts. It is hoped that such a move would reduce congestion and therefore reduce emissions and mitigate air pollution.

A recent report showed that Hanoi has the second-worst air pollution in Southeast Asia, according to readings from IQAir's AirVisual app. The city's pm2.5 reading (fine particulate matter) average was 40.8, behind Jakarta's 45.3 and ahead of Samut Sakhon, Thailand, which clocked an average of 39.8. 

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