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[Video] Son Doong Cave Stars in DJ Alan Walker's Latest Single 'Alone, Pt. II'

The video for EDM DJ Alan Walker's song 'Alone Pt. II' featuring Ava Max includes footage of northern Vietnam's Trooc and Chay rivers, Tra Ang Bridge, Doong mountain village, and En, Son Doong and Nuoc Nut caves.

The 22-year-old DJ released a trailer for the video on December 24 and netizens across the country immediately recognized Vietnam's iconic landscapes. The full video arrived on December 27 and, at the time of writing, had already racked up nearly 10 million views. VietnamNews reports that the Phong Nha Tourism Center, near where Son Doong is located, even screened the music video during a New Year's Eve countdown party on December 31.

The song is a follow-up to the mega-popular 'Alone' which has been viewed nearly a billion times on YouTube (even if you don't know the song by name and don't enjoy EDM music, you've likely heard it). The sequel begins with a short narrative alluding to a "remarkable archeology discovery," and then follows a masked character who discovers a hidden map in a museum gallery painting with the words "Quang Binh." The woman then travels to the Vietnamese province mentioned and is led to the entrance of Son Doong cave. As the song ends she comes across a large stone object bearing Alan Walker's logo while robed figures appear with torches.

While Alan Walker previously visited Vietnam to perform at Saigon's Revolution Music Festival in 2016, it's unknown if he visited Son Doong cave, and there is certainly no reason to believe his DJ logo is in any way involved in an actual archeological discovery.

Stream the video below:

Video via Alan Walker's YouTube

[Top photo via Alan Walker's Facebook page]

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