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[Video] In 'Sông Trăng,' a Celebration of Dance and the Vietnamese Physique

Shimmering pig brains, karst-adjacent acrobatics, Hanoi flame-twirlers, "Why don't you embrace me like when we first met?"

On first viewing, it's not clear exactly what the short video Sông Trăng is. Poetic rumination on a "break up even if this love is passionate"? A showcase for the supple Vietnamese physique? Arresting travelogue that juxtaposes northern Vietnam's natural beauty with the quixotic colors and energy of its capital city? Fever dream captured via an Arri Alexa Mini camera lens?

The 92-second clip is, in fact, an ad for a performance and dining event in the northwest German city of Bremen featuring members of the Hanoi Central Circus. Created by German-born videographer Dominik Junker, the scenes of lithe acrobats literally flexing their skills surrounded by serene nature, chaotic metropolis street atmosphere and the whispered conversations of a Vietnamese couple seemingly enduring a subconscious uncoupling are a work of art in and of themselves.

Set to Ryan Taubert's 'Trip the Light,' the video shares its name with the month-long German event. How does "Moon Reflected on a River" describe the show as a whole? The meal served? Who knows, but check out the video below for a beautifully-shot, sorrow-tinged and curiosity-inspiring minute and a half:

Video via Dominik Junnker's Vimeo.

Director: Knut Gminder & Thanh Dinh Huynh
Director of Photography: Dominik Junker
2nd Camera: Norman Krüger
Sound designer: Christian Hyla
Editor, Colorist: Dominik Junker
Female voice: Nguyen Ngoc Anh
Male voice: Dao Tung Duong
Music: Ryan Taubert

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