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[Video] In 'Công,' Suboi Delivers Full-Throated Anthem for Young Vietnamese Women

After the great success of 'N-Sao?' in August, Vietnamese rap queen Suboi has returned and riled up her audience once again with her brand new song, 'Công.'

While 'N-Sao?' introduced us to the bustling life of Saigon with cà phê sữa đá, street-side lottery vendors and traffic full of "Vinjas," this latest track is an anthem about feminism, while also portraying the dull, repetitive working routine of a modern factory, in this case - a Toyota assembly plant in Vinh Phuc Province.

The video for 'Công' was produced by Jenni Trang Le and directed by Bao Nguyen. It focuses on a Vietnamese woman working tirelessly on a factory floor among her peers, which almost looks like she is imprisoned in a tedious cage. Like the 'N-Sao?' video, Suboi's supporting cast this time around is entirely female.

Through the music video, Suboi acts like a narrator that helps convey a powerful image of Vietnamese women in a fresh way that is not typically seen in pop culture. In both of these videos, from street vendors to factory workers, they are shown in their full glory as dynamic protagonists: not only hustling hard to make ends meet and take care of the family, but also maintaining their strength, fierceness, swag, and vulnerability.

Check out Suboi's fiery video for 'Công' below:

[Video via YouTube channel Suboi]

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