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[Illustrations] Minimalist Pastel Renditions of Hanoi’s Historic Landmarks

Local illustrator Nguyen Minh Trang brings calming colors and geometric aesthetics to some of the capital’s most striking architecture.

Created in a style influenced as much by the visuals of electronic music micro-genre Vaporwave as the graphics found in computer games like Monument Valley, Trang’s ‘Around Hanoi’ illustrations highlight the minimalist beauty of Hanoi’s landmarks in a city otherwise known for chaos.

Whether via flat, symmetrical compositions or isometric projections, her art simplifies buildings into serene, two-dimensional designs. Landmarks such as Long Bien Bridge, the Opera House and Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum all make an appearance, but with the usual maelstrom of motorbikes removed from view.

In fact, the graphics are entirely devoid of human presence, and the simple pastel color schemes she adopts create a warm, soft vibe that adds to the overall ambiance of the designs.

These are not the first illustrations Trang has created in homage to her hometown, either – her earlier works depict entire districts of the capital, presented with the same tenderness and affection of her newest work.

See her latest designs below:

[Illustrations by Nguyen Minh Trang via her Behance here]

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