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[Video] Witness the Profound Difference of Life in Hanoi's Old Quarter in 1931

This remarkable video reveals not only Hanoi's Old Quarter in 1931, but also scenes from temples in Phnom Penh around the same time. 

During the 1930s, Hanoi was the capital of Indochina. According to the opening credits in French, the clips were filmed during the visit of one Mr. M. Reynaud, then Minister of Colonies in Indochina. 

Back then, Hanoi remained a small city with a low population density. Bicycles and trams were still rare and used only by those from the upper middle class. Rickshaws, used today only by tourists, were the most popular means of transportation. One of the most modern features in the clip is the paved roads.

People's attire at that time was mainly comprised of traditional Vietnamese clothing styles, although some western styles feature as well. We can see men in suits, but also others in ao dai, or women and young girls wearing áo tứ thân, a kind of Vietnamese four-part dress.

The scenes in the video play out at a fast pace, so we recommend watching the clip at a reduced speed of 0.75x. 

Take a look below:

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