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[Video] A Virtual Tour of Malaysia's Top-Notch Durian Plantation

Most people around here are familiar with the durian fruit and its unique smell; however, not many have actually been to a durian plantation.

In a recent short feature titled "The Sweet Stench of Durian," media outlet Great Big Story decided to trek to Penang, Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia’s top durian producers, to find out how local farmers grow the polarizing fruit.

The plantation is owned by Chang Teik Seng, nicknamed Durian Seng by his loved ones because of his association with the local delicacy. He has spent nearly 30 years growing and selling durians and is an expert on the fruit.

Since durians usually drop straight from the tree when they become ripe, Seng’s farm is covered with nets to catch the freshly dropped fruits, which taste the best, according to the Malaysian horticulturist.

“Some people, they don’t give a chance to taste,” he said in the video. “But you have to try once in your lifetime.”

Take a trip to Penang's durian plantation below:

Video via YouTube user Great Big Story.

[Top photo via The Kiev Times]

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