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Why do humans laugh? Is there a correlation between telling offensive jokes and committing cruel acts? Are men more likely than women to make jokes about serious situations?

This week, Real Talk Online explores The Ethics of Comedy!

19/8: Ethics of Comedy
26/8: Free Talk
2/9: The Psychological Differences Easterners and Westerners
9/9: Free Talk
16/9: Polyamory
23/9: Free Talk

Join Real Talk Online every Thursday for international community explorations of divisive social issues (from masculinity to meat-eating).
Online events last only 90 minutes and are exclusively conversation-based. We encourage you to eat dinner while enjoying the conversation!
Join us at www.realtalkphilosophy.org/online

Since 2017, Real Talk Philosophy has hosted 200+ events for 8,000+ guests in multiple cities across Asia and online. Real Talk Philosophy entertains while actively combating social and political polarization. We create fun, interactive, multimedia, community events exploring all sides of contemporary divisive issues (like masculinity, veganism, gender pronouns, immigration, and many more) with facilitated small-group discussions, impartial lectures, themed music, artwork, games, panelist Q&As, and more.

We would love to add your voice and talents to our production team. Sign up to join for a single event or for a permanent place on our team! www.realtalkphilosophy.org/join


"Your efforts are truly exemplary" -Alain de Botton, Founder, The School of Life
"Absolutely every minute of HPF that I’ve been fortunate enough to be present in has been engaging and mind-boggling and ridiculously fun." -Tố Lê
"The people I’ve met have always been thoughtful and open-minded, and for me the best part about attending is making new friends with the wise and interesting people there." -Justin Simpson
"What a lovely freaking community I have stumbled into. Loving ya’ll!" -Bronwyn MacLeod
“It is such a welcome change if scene from the bars and drinking events that usually take up our evenings in Hanoi.” -Brian Bosen
“What an amazing event this was. If you’ve not done it yet, really do yourself a favour.” -Ryan Steggman
“Finally got a chance to join the Philosophy Forum. Some people’s opinions really gave me goosebumps and plus an a cappella song about wasps that made me feel quite emotional.” -Duc Tran
“Discussing things that actually matter and that require thinking in ways that challenge your beliefs is a great step towards a less divided world. An event that values good quality conversation!” -John Sylvan

For more information, please visit here.

16th September 2021

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Online Event