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The Bollywood Caboose @ Ma Xó

All aboard the Bollywood Caboose! Punjabi rock'n'roll classical jazzy tango with Hindi vocals. Forget what you thought you knew about Bollywood music, we've got a night to wiggle your hips and feel the joy of this genre which covers everything from disco to Hindi folk raga.

The Hindi song was such an integral features of Hindi mainstream cinema, besides other characteristics, that post-independence alternative cinema, of which the films of Satyajit Ray are an example, discarded the song and dance motif in its effort to stand apart from mainstream cinema. In some respects, it gives an understanding of a different culture and language.

Well, it's also the perfect music to infuse into a Truc Bach evening with fellow culture-trippers, story-tellers and vagabonds. We'll be making some Indian sweets. The music will be ringing with joy. The nag champa will be smoking. Our KOTO chefs will be making Indian desserts just for the night. Namaste! And all aboard The Bollywood Caboose!

Tickets: none needed. Bring a positive intention.

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21st May 2021


Ma Xó | 152 Tran Vu, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi