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Virtual Artist-in-residence - an Unusual Sonic Experience @ Hanoi

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all parts of the world, including Artist-in-residence programs - where mobility used to be the most important factor and now, international travels become farfetched.

Facing the question of how to organize a valuable and meaningful artist residency program in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, DomDom - The Hub For Experimental Music& Art, launches their first U.S. exchange residency, in partnership with Experimental Sound Studio Chicago and supported by the Asian Cultural Council. Originally conceived before the pandemic, the residency program provides a unique opportunity for both the institutions and the artist-in-residence to pilot a new kind of virtual artist exchange. The virtual residency runs for 5 weeks and includes opportunities for the Chicago-based artist-in-residence to experience an in-depth tour of Vietnam’s contemporary music, sound, and art scenes, including conversations and workshops with a number of Vietnam’s top practitioners.
Chicago artist, musician, educator, and organizer Kioto Aoki has been selected as the inaugural artist-in-residence for the DomDom x ESS Artist-in-residence.


Artistic Director & Producer: Composer Trần Kim Ngọc
Storytelling Artist: SơnX
Residential Artist: Kioto Aoki
Project Manager and facilitator: Thao-Linh Dinh
Interpreter: Linh Valerie Phạm
Camera: Minh Khôi Nguyễn
Documentation: Nguyễn Quốc Hoàng Anh
Field Recording: Tuấn Nị
Support: Lê Lam Phong, Đinh Quang Hưng, Hải Aomi

(1) "Hanoi City Life Day&Night" - A specifically designed tour to experience the sonic environment of Hanoi's life during the daytime & nighttime.
(2) "Sound of craft productions" - Sound and environment inside a ceramics studio in Hanoi suburban area.
(3) "Ca Trù: Chamber Music of the Elites" - Watching a performance by group “Ca Trù Phú Thị" and private talk with the musician Phạm Đình Hoằng & singers after the show.
(4) "Let's Play Đàn Bầu (The Monocord) - traditionally and experimentally" with Artist Ngô Trà My
(5) “Experimental Pop Music" - Going to visit home & studio of Ngọc Đại - an experimental pop songwriter/singer/musician.
(6) “The Ancient Opera and living heritage" - Going to visit home of the performers of Tuong (Artist Mẫn Thu) and Cheo (Artist Đoàn Thanh Bình) - 2 kinds of traditional Opera of Vietnam at Mai Dịch, Hà Nội.
(7) “Spiritual Music" - Attending a Hau Dong ceremony, a spiritual culture activity (kind of evocation ceremony) with the crucial role of music. Conversation with the musicians and maybe the Medium.
(8) “Emerging Generation" - Visiting a sound installation and having a private discussion with Hà Thúy Hằng - a local emerging artist.


This pilot program is not open to the public. Only some of our programs are selected to be watched online. Please register your interest via https://forms.gle/ZiLwv54hECUy8GS87 to get your seat.

(*) This tour is not a tourism one. This tour is a private expertise designed one to bring the residential artists a sense of the sonic environment and the music scene in Hanoi, Vietnam, in which they could not travel physically due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
(**) The storytelling artist will give introduction and provide information about music art of each thematic tour.
(***) After finishing the experience journey, residential artist can choose to compose new work with the curation from Composer Trần Kim Ngọc and Artist SơnX.

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/388728782343249/

15th January 2020

9:00pm - 12:00am

Hà Nội