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Urban Orangutan┃Humanimalistic Reign LP Release @ Online

Introducing: Humanimalistic Reign
First Single Release 12/12, 2020
Secret Location TBA

Humans! Triumphant, transcendent, troubled… makers of nuts and bolts and microscopes and magazines, handbags and helicopters, belt-buckles and high heels, locomotives, torpedoes, vaccines, landfills, and hamburgers… ingenious fools, all-powerful and helpless, squabbling… flightless birds of paradise strutting over paved earth, flaunting plastic wings, searching for mates… philosophers and tyrants and janitors, shoe sellers and farmers, tour guides and data-analysts, astronomers and novelists and secret agents, primates, mammals, chordates, lost children of Earth. The Humanimal has crowned itself king of the animal kingdom: despoiler of meadows, conqueror of lagoons, plunderer of ravines, mutilator of mountains, bully of lemurs, tortoises, and songbirds, enslaver of canines and ungulates and ourselves. This is the reign of the humanimal – of you, and me. I am Urban Orangutan, and this is my diatribe.

Co-produced by David Fryer and Alec Schachner

12th December 2020

12:00pm - 12:00am

Online | Online