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Worldly Mixtapes 2: Sahelian Blues @ Ma Xó

The Second Edition of Worldly Mixtapes brings you a selection of sahélien string ballads from Mali and Senegal.
- It also brings our signature Hibiscus Sangria on special for only 70k!!
- 3 Tapas + 2 Cocktails for 250k!
- And a free Sangria for the first person to find the “sneaky” song in the playlist.

About the music tonight, Manuel said… It’s mild, it’s sweet, like a sweet little breeze on a river bank of the Niger or Senegal rivers with a cup of hot, strong, mint tea for the sunrise, when day and night are praying together, and are folding into each other. I particularly love the subtle calabash drums, with hypnotic melodies played on guitars, kora or ngoni… and these beautiful rocky voices singing history, heroes and myths and also modern life. Songs you’ll hear tonight can be more intimate grooves to more bouncy rhythms. Feel the breeze. Enjoy!

Here few things I know about some artists you’ll hear tonight:
ALI FARKA TOURE, a malian legend, who composed a lot and collaborated with a lot of musicians like the Americans RY COODER, and TAJ MAHAL and also did two superb albums with the great kora player TOUMANI DIABATE. Their sons, VIEUX FARKA TOURE carries on the music tradition in their respective families. You’ll also hear songs from artists coming from the same clan Toure : SAMBA TOURE, ALI TOURE, ABDOULAYE ALASSANE TOURE… From another griots clan, the Traore, you’ll hear the magical BOUBACAR TRAORE, and also LOBI TRAORE, from the Diabate, GRAND PAPA DIABATE with SONA DIABATE, and CHEIKH HAMALA DIABATE. I couldn’t avoid the beautiful BAABA MAAL singing his fulani blues on the river banks of the Senegal river that I love.

Dedication to David Payne (again!)

Come enjoy the Sunday Sunset with us. Great company, great music, great cocktails.

Sunday, 24 May

7:00pm - 11:00pm

Ma Xó cafe | 152 Phố Trấn Vũ, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội