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Heartdance: WaterFlow @ Zenith Yoga Kim Ma

Water Flows gently, soothing the fear, quieting the heart. During these times of despair, dread and velocity we find it hard to let go, to allow things to unfold naturally. Like a waterfall that flows downhill, freely and calmly, we invite you to come and dance with us with open hearts and spirit to celebrate our inner selfs.

Dancing moves us, connect us with the core and bring us closer to the essential faith we all need to embrace. Now more than ever before with this dance movement therapy we will acknowledge the importance of allowing things to unfold spontaneously with us being an alive part in it. Capable of sparking the fire self nestled within and joining the One Consciousness we are all part of, joyfully. With a new year a new energy comes in, let's express it and store it for the next months to come.
We will take you on a musical journey into presence through movement, pace by pace, within the chance to become aware and be part of change. There will be Drums, Guitar and other Musical instruments, there will be Voices, there will be dancing feet, there will be the fire that sparks from within. Come with an open heart, try not to judge, yourself and the others. Like Water Flowing into the Ocean our Fears will turn into Illusions generated by the mind, Faith will prevail.

- Time: 7:15 - 9:00PM, Sunday 23/02/2020
- Venue: Zenith Yoga Kim Ma, no.2, alley 371 Kim Ma, Ba Đinh, Hanoi
- Link to register: https://forms.gle/TrUCgLQjUty2yicw6
- Participation fee:
Advanced payment via bank transfer: 200.000 VNĐ

Bank transfer information:
Transfer note: "Name - WATERFLOW

Sunday, 23 Feb

7:15pm - 9:00pm

Zenith Yoga Kim Ma | 6 Flr, No. 2, 371 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh , Ha Noi