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ban là ai / and who are you? @ Ham Coffee

No one is special but everyone is unique. Through portraiture we dig deep and expose the fears and hopes, the strength and frailty that make us human. For an instant we let ourselves be vulnerable, we look around: seven point seven billion people, each one with a sparkle. Who are you?

Venue address: So 11, Ngo 271 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi

4.30pm - Painting workshop with Alina Lypovenko
8.00pm - Official opening
Photography: Julia Davigora, Patrizio Mancuso, Daniel Nuderscher
Paintings: Alina Lypovenko
9.00pm - Live music by Notas do Nômade

Saturday, 11 Jan

3:00pm - 10:00pm

Ham Coffee | số 11 ngõ 271 Lạc long Quân - Cầu giấy, Hanoi