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Wild Spirit - Episode 2 @ Xóm Bắc Cầu - Cultural Space

XBC's collective exhibitions - Wild Spirit - aim to promote emerging artists and wish to reveal new talents in contemporary art.

This serie of events offers the opportunity to apprehend the abundant energy of international creativity. Coming from all over Vietnam and from various cultural backgrounds.
Our goal is to give a glimps of today's art: a world with plurality and more equality in prospects - a democratic art.

Episode 2 - COLLAPSE

Is the world as we know it on the verge of collapse?
A collapse is also a beginning. Things fall apart, something new begins.

With the collapse of the Ice Age, people spread to all corners of the world.
The new Stone Age cultures that emerge after that illustrate how dramatic environmental changes can destroy a way of life: created radical new opportunities for those with creativity and courage.

In the spaces between the stories, you can explore for yourself how daring, ingenuity, control and collapse interact. Explore various ways to face forces of (human) nature that threatens to collapse our world.

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2 Showrooms
Art installations : Screenings
Music and performance
Food and drinks

Sunday, 1 Dec

11:00am - 11:00pm

Xóm Bắc Cầu - Cultural Space | So 1, Alley 404 Bắc Cầu, Ngọc Thụy, Long Biên, Hà Nội