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Fast, Fresh & Dirty #2 (Rated R Comedy Night) @ The Venue

The Fast, Fresh, and Dirty Crew Are Back!!

No cover/Free entry!

100k for 3 tequila shots!!!! Loyalty cards, buy 10 get one free, bring a group!!!! .

Some people prefer to play it safe; some prefer to take things slow and steady. Some like it served neat and well done. And then there are those who just want to keep things clean, neat and pristine. WTF!


Fast: Quick wits, slick wisecracks, and speedy comebacks are the name of the game this go round, and the usual suspects are firing off the hip to bring rapid fire laughs!

Fresh: Who needs the same dull, drab sh*t every day? Not us, and not you. We got sharp, cutting edge perspective on world views, family, friends, and life! With comics like these, the spice of life is never far from the plate.

Dirty: We're all grown. And let's face it, life? Life gets dirty. Life? Life gets nasty. We say f*ck that, let’s get even dirtier, and laugh all the way down.

Set list includes these amazingly filthy comics!!!!

Snowy T. Stephens
Rimmi Johnson
Greg Andersen
Greg Allers
Paul Villanova
Stuart Shag
Darrell Lee
Johhny Dick
Minh Tuan Nguyen

Sunday, 24 November

10:00pm - 4:00am

The Venue | 46 An Duong, Hanoi