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Open Studio: Too Many Long Night Dreams @ Á Space - Experimental Arts

Á Space would like to invite you to an Open-studio: Đêm Dài Lắm Mộng (Too Many Long Night Dreams) – by Đặng Hồng Anh.


26.10.2019 - 10.11.2019

27.10.2019 – 9.11.2019 | 19h30 – 22h30 (only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday)

Artist’s Talk and Closing Party:
19h30, 10.11.2019

Á Space, Lane 59, Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hanoi, Vietnam (Turn right at the end of the lane, and go 500m)
About Dang Hong Anh (Hanoi, 1992)
Practicing various media: Photography, video, film, writing, and installation

“With arts, I feel more like I exist.

Even though purpose is a frightening word, arts can be a light house in the psyche, a good direction for illuminating the mind, resolving the heart, and making sense of the world. Sometimes I try to figure out through those that are very unbearable, difficult, perplexing, confused, ordinary, familiar or strange. Life seems less unbearable when the self becomes more illuminated. Life is also less unbearable when one can do a good deed.

We also cannot help but put ourselves through strange zones in different ways to make something creatively that can be personally true. Things I make are usually quite funny. They are places of the personal/non-personal or places of dreams, and tend to come from what I find very vivid or memorable. I can stand there to look at them, contemplate and enjoy when they are realized.”
About Đêm Dài Lắm Mộng (Too Many Long Night Dreams)
“I want to create a space related to idea of paradise, an unknown idea, which calls on a certain kind of happiness and what may have come across life or to come across.
I want to create a strange playful reminiscing and questioning space that drifts through dreams. An imagined quasi – metaphysical realm is mapped in this installation space, telling creative stories. I am an already-existing being living in the world and questioning. I create a creative world so I and other people can experience this new world.

The place is a new place for meanings, observations, seeing, guessing, making poetry, walking around, and other activities.
It might have been Hotel California, our puzzling identities, Velvet Underground, or Vermillion Sands by JG Ballard.”

26 Oct - 10 Nov 2019

7:30pm - 10:30pm

Á Space | Lane 59 Ngô Gia Tự (Turn Right at the end the lane, go 500m, Đức Giang, Hà Nộ