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Green Market Hanoi @ Urban Gentry

Vegan Oi is pleased to come together with Urban Gentry to host the first edition of Green Market Hanoi.

These amazing businesses are joining together to share their passion for veganism and eco-friendly living by selling delicious vegan food and eco-friendly products for your home minus all the single-use plastic packaging.

Bring your friends, dogs and containers and come along for an afternoon filled with all the good vegan and eco vibes!

Who are the vendors? What will they be selling?
Xin Free will be serving up some perfect lunchtime food including many flavours of delicious hummus, falafel, pitta and tasty salads using biodegradable and reusable containers.

Nuts And Seeds - Quả Hạch will be selling a wide range of nutritious nuts, seeds, oats, legumes and more. Bring your own container for an amazing 15% discount off everything!

V's HOME - Eco Store & Refill station will be selling an amazing range of goods perfect for your vegan and eco-friendly home including reusable straws & cutlery, coconut products, essential oils, vegan honey and household and cleaning liquids. Bring your own container to refill!

Vegan Ơi will be selling indulgent vegan baked goods including brownies, banana muffins and banana chocolate muffins, as well as delicious vegan butter. 10% of everything goes to Hanoi Pet Adoption.

Finally, we will have some tasty Vietnamese food such as spring rolls made by my good friends Alex and Luza.



Saturday, 28 September

4:00pm - 7:00pm

Urban Gentry | 38 Đặng Thai Mai, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội.