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Pride Week @ Hanoi

Hanoi Pride is an annual event of the LGBTQ+ community in Hanoi and bordering regions. Get yourself ready with numerous wondrous activities: conferences, social meetings, art galleries, walking parade, bike rally along with community booth and awaiting glorious performances!

This year, from within the blood, tears, and effort of 12 community organizations, Hanoi Pride will take place from September 16th to 22th accompanied by our sponsors.

Hanoi Pride fanpage will carry the mission to deliver to you all the freshest, most detailed information of every activity, therefore, remember not to miss a single one!!! Right now, move your mouse and click the following button and set ”See first” mode. And don’t forget to share it with your dear friends that also are longing for Hanoi Pride as you are!

Thank you for your love, care and companion.

Hanoi Pride 2019 Organizing Team.

Hanoi Pride 2019 Timeline: bit.ly/HNP19timeline
Crowd fund for Hanoi Pride 2019: https://kindmate.net/project/854/hanoi-pride-2019
Hanoi Pride 2019 Event page: http://bit.ly/EventHNP2019

All week from 16 Sep - 22 Sep