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Exhibition “PAINTING THE SOUL” @ Exhibition House 29 Hang Bai

“PAINTING THE SOUL” is an exhibition with the participation of three artists from Vietnam: Vu Tuan Viet, Nguyen Dinh Van and Thanh Thanh Nguyen.

Through art and emotions, the painters bring viewers to a realm of the mind where humans pour their heart out. Art is an embodiment of the curiousity about Self and The World. The three artists have created pieces that have engaged us in taking a careful look inwards, from which we have a deeper insight into ourselves and other human beings.

To create such artworks, what are the unique experiences that they – the artists have gone through? Stories of intertwined contemplation and sentiments. The quietness of the mind in a tangible and intangible world. And through their stories, why do those pieces of art share a connection and a feeling of familiarity with people?


Sunday, 25 August

9:00am - 5:30pm

Exhibition House | 29 Hang Bai, Hanoi