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Knowmads Open House - Team 12 @ Bluebirds' Nest

If you’re interested but not yet sure whether to sign up for team 12, come spend a cozy Sunday evening with us at Bluebirds' Nest on August 18th starting at 6:30 pm.

This is your chance to meet us, as well as our wonderful alumni and friends, and ask any questions you have about Knowmads and the Learning Journey, such as:

Is this for me?
What is the learning journey REALLY about?
What did the people who’ve joined it say about this?
Is it worth my time and money?
Am I ready?

These are the questions we can help answer for you at The Open House, but we also invite you to consider the kinds of questions we explore with you during the Learning Journey:

Who am I?
In what world do I want to live?
What do I want to change or contribute?
What project can get it done?
How do I bring it into the world?

PLEASE REGISTER HERE: bit.ly/knowmadsopenhouse

The event is free!


Sunday, 18 August

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Bluebirds' Nest | 13, 19 Dang Dung, Hanoi


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