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D.I.Y Jewelry Workshop @ Consocia

D.I.Y Jewelry Workshop is back!!



We're so happy to find a new great spot for you to join and have fun making some cool jewelry yourself.
The workshop will be from 2-5pm every Sat at Consocia
Linh Vũ will be happy to share some skills and technique to do jewelry making&leather craft
You can bring your own materials, or you can buy from us with a good price.
Linh Vũ will prepare jewelry making tools and materials
Please RSVP (by sending Consocia or Linh Vũ a message if you come so that we can do the best preparation:)

About the workshop venue:
Come into lane 394, Lac Long Quan, you would see a number 9 there with the sign of "Tre coffee" , please go pass it, and turn left at the corner, you'll see our workshop sign at the house no 9:)
Lane 394 is abit hard to see because it is hidden behind some trees. But we’re very closed to the 2 Dragons statue on the lake, Incase you find it difficult to find us:)
We're sorry for the confusion of the address , we also have no idea why they design the street address that way =)

Here is the pin on Google map: (which has the right direction, but, again for some strange reason said "21 Lac Long Quan") https://goo.gl/maps/ueiWQku5ygTiR6M97
Incase you're still lost, please call Linh: +84395653048 for direction.
Thank you!


Every Saturday

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Velo Love Cafe Bar | House 4, Ngo 314 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam