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Sourgasm Jam Session @ The Venue

This week was the last Sourgasms at Bamboo and instead we will be jamming it up at The Venue from this Tuesday!

What it means is we'll be starting an hour later from 9:00 PM, but have all the time and freedom to jam until 4:00 AM.

On top of that there will be some great additions to the jamming kit on top of what there has always been!

+ Drum set
+ Electric acoustic guitar
+ Acoustic guitar
+ Microphones and amps

(complete list below)

I'm very excited to see how the jam will move forward in this new space that I think will be perfect and do justice to Sourgasms.
The Venue is an amazing space with a strong commitment to live music and has a perfect set up for it.

It will keep the same concept as being an open jam session (not an open mic) with a free flow of music and people who are welcome to join at any time, play and share ideas, instruments, talents and energy through out the whole session. (more info in the description)

There's no sign outside but you can find it on Google Maps and make sure to watch out for the restaurant of it's ground floor (Thác Bạc) on 46 An Duong, Tay Ho


Spread the word! Bring your bands, friends and your instruments or whatever else and come out if you have a love for for music, expression and join a mixed free-flowing session of unique sounds and dynamics among music and people a like..

Much thanks to everyone who has come out to the jams so far and made it incredible as it has been so many times, as well as big thanks to Vu Dinh Dinh & Bamboo Westlake for hosting Sourgasms all this time and much luck and love to all the work and art you're doing in and outside of your beautiful space!


- Drum Set
- Electric Acoustic Guitar
- 2 Acoustic Guitars
- Djembe
- Keyboard
- Didgeridoo
- Wind instruments
- Shakers
- Tambourines
- Mics & Amps

(More instruments coming in the future)

See you Tuesday!


Sourgasms is a freestyle jam session where we bring the instruments, the fire, the original story, and share it through singing and playing.
We believe in bringing it back to the drum, and letting the music flow. We show ourselves in this space honestly, listening to each other, and bring out the flow in one another. Every week is unique, depending on who joins the circle. We go with the current, uplift, and improvise.
There is only one rule - share the space. Leave the insecurities outside, or play through it.
This is a jam session, music is improvised. You enter a space of mutual respect and creativity. The point is to release whatever you are feeling; we don't care if it succeeds or fails as a "good song". Simply join the circle, and see where it goes. Add, subtract, state, spit, sing, bring the soul, bring the gangsta, bring the hometown, bring the homecats. Sometimes you will lead, sometimes you will follow. Sometimes you won’t do anything.

Anyone is free to use, play and express whatever and however they feel like in this jam session through anything in your imagination or with any of the instruments available or shared by others.

Every Tuesdays

9:00pm - 4:00am

The Venue | 46 An Duong, Hanoi