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Wave Rave Vol. 2 at Birdcage @ BirdCage

Wave Rave Vol. 2 at Birdcage!!

All the little birdies please report to the cage, Blaise and Loopernatural are taking the stage.

The WAVE RAVE returns to Hanoi next Friday and we’re on a mission to make some bad decisions. We’re gonna keep the farmers who live next door awake all night with hip-hop, LIVE beatboxing and rap, trap, and all things that slap.

Grab a Grab or a cab and leave the bikes at home because we’ll have cheap drinks and soju supersoakers. And no going home early at 4 am, because the fun won’t let up until the sun’s up.

See you Friday June 21st, because you were gonna go to Birdcage anyway.


12 - 1:30 AM ~ Th:baut (DJ SET)
1:30AM - 2:30 AM ~ Loopernatural (LIVE)
2:30 - 3:15 AM ~ Blaise (LIVE)
3:15 - 5 AM ~ Sanchohan (Chef Hey Pelo - Original French Tacos) (DJ SET)
80K OTD Friday June 21st, 11:59 PM - 5 AM

Friday, 21 June

11:59pm - 5:00am

BirdCage | Alley 264 Au co. 1st junction turn right, Hanoi