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Bad Blood Rap Battle 15th June @ Sidewalk Hanoi

Old rivals are offered redemption as five of Hanois deepest clashes are re-lived, in the first Bad Blood clashes from Beats Bars and Breaks.
Head to SideWalk to witness some seriously old beef go off, between Ten MCs in Five Head to Head Clashes.

First up we have a Vietnamese showcase battle with Mason Vs Spidey!
Both rappers are young and energetic with the some of the most savage lyricism of the top that Hanoi has to offer!
Mason (18 years old) and Spidey (16 years old) have both competed in many tournaments and championships against eachother and other competitors including Hanoi's own Nayso Championship battles the most official freestyle rap battle event in Northern Vietnam
Both rappers will be freestyling for as long as necessary over the sickest exclusive beats we can get our hands on!
With both rappers representing Vietdabest this ones sure to breed some bad blood between these two serious freestylers so come check it out!

Followed by a rematch of that contentious clash from March between Tazer and Anti Bling.
The Judges were split and the Dubliner won by crowd decision, but some people thought the ‘Murican had a better second round and impressed many with his composure so they’re going at it again.

Next is a re-run of a major upset, when comedian and sofa host Nathan Oi defeated BBB Heroes Nook and Tazer in the same evening, Nathan’s quiff clearly winning over the crowd.
Furious, Nook will be showing no mercy when it comes to this sploosh off.

After that a bout featuring two old friends. They sometimes roll together with Easy Flow, but Juicy Texas and BCP’s milk has turned sour, many believe, because of BCP’s fondness for cold weather and bad sports teams.

Finally the eruption of a mysterious conflict that has been brewing for centuries.
No one knows exactly why but Otto is said to hate Integ’s glasses, whilst philosopher Integretes is a regular public speaker on the theory that Australia doesn’t exist, which makes him deeply mistrustful.


Saturday, 15 June

8:00pm - late

Sidewalk Hanoi | 123 Au Co, Hanoi