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The Council Takeover: Deen & Julien Brochard @ Savage

Over years of dedicated work building the music scene in Singapore, The Council has been proving themselves to be a solid music institution in Asia, and this month, for the first time ever, Savage will invite them over for a take over session, with 2 of their most trusted resident, DEEN and Julien Brochard.

DEEN may be a familiar face to many, starting first as a punter on the dance floor, before finding his way behind the decks to soundtrack many a hazy night at Headquarters and other events. A regular mainstay on The Council’s programming, if you’ve shared a night with the man himself, you’ll see how he can work the crowd into a hypnotic stomp with his sombre tones and introspective melodies, often taking the audience through a dizzying barrage of peaks and troughs, of tension and relief.

Julien Brochard, The Council’s resident Frenchman sans the stereotype. His love for music started since young, and has come a long way for someone his age. His teenage years were spent
strapped around a guitar with rock & roll rhythms rolling off his fingertips. It wasn’t long before he was introduced to the world of electronic music—noting the likes of Gui Boratto, Kink, DJ Tennis, Satori and Ame as his inspiration—and hasn’t looked back since.

Free before 11PM, 100k after.

Friday, 14 June

10:00pm - 5:00am

Savage | 112 Xuan Dieu, Hanoi