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HRC Live Animals @ Hanoi Rock City

featuring Urban Orangutang, Red Eyed Rabbit, Dr Peacock



Grooovy animals. Impulsive animals. Full of fire animals.
Next FRIDAY (May24 - remember the date), LIVE ANIMALs of HRC - Urban Orangutang, Red Eyed Rabbit, Dr Peacock present their newest tracks, exciting recipes mixed from soothing exploration and high energy beat.

09PM - May24 (FRI) - Vé tại cửa/ticket at door (50K)

// Urban Orangutan is building a miniature arsenal - now his "signature" tiny guitar is joined by a tiny fm synth and a tiny drum machine, all running through a loop pedal - an electric recipe for lo-fi musical mayhem. Serendipity or catastrophe? This sonic starship is headed for who-knows-where, least of all the hairy humanimal at the helm

// Red.Eyed.Rabbit is an alternative rock band based in HaNoi. Drawing on influences from 60s psychedelia to 90s indie music revival. Soon to release their debut album this power trio of drums, bass, guitar and vocals have already gained a reputation for high energy feet twitching sets!!!

// Dr. Peacock is back from hiatus, brimming with dangerous energy. Nancy wields Yin and Yang, pairing sincere writing and punk rock swagger. Whip crack grooves inform ethereal exploration and impulsive jive. Remember to breathe.


Friday, 24 May

9:00pm - 11:45pm

Hanoi Rock City | 27/52 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Hanoi