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CÂY CẦU (The Bridge) @ VICAS ART Studio

Solo exhibition of Dang Viet

Opening: 17:00, Monday, 06.05.2019
Venue: VICAS ART STUDIO, 32 Hào Nam, Hà Nội
Exhibition Time: 06.05.2019 - 20.05.2019
Free Entry
Media partner: Hanoi Grapevine

Inspired by a specific bridge, artist Dang Viet named this solo exhibition as THE BRIGDE.
LONG BIEN Bridge, which is a masterpiece by a French architect’s works, has existed for hundreds of years in Hanoi and used to be damaged by American bombs. However, the silhouette of this bridge as well as the love of Hanoi people for it stay unchanged. It has always been a beautiful symbolic image for the integration of Vietnamese culture with Western civilization.
10 paintings of Dang Viet about Long Bien Bridge in this exhibition present different emotional expressions of an artist and Hanoian when standing in front of this bridge. He wanted to show the original great spirit of the bridge: It was the bridge that connecting art and culture between the East and the West.
That spirit is vividly conveyed in a painting language which is deliberate and harmonic stream of integration. It is his artistic thinking that has the specific and the symbolic, the reality and the abstract, traditional materials and modern expressions, black and other colors, strokes and plates, shapes and blocks, western and eastern painting perspectives all mingle together.
Via his own language, Dang Viet did not limit himself to expressing a specific bridge only but went further on other subjects such as toads, trees and beyond that with abstract works.
Whatever the subject is, his artistic style keeps its consistent voice in the interaction and harmony between the East and the West.
Bui Quang Thang
Artistic Director of VICAS ART STUDIO

Thursday, 9 May

9:00am - 5:00pm

VICAS ART Studio | 32 Hao Nam, Hanoi