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FlashCards x Petite Sneaker @ BirdCage

FLASHCARDS was born to showcase 6 Dj's and their vibes. Each of them is promoting the scene here in Hanoi in its own specific way.
Flash Cards are dealt.

Sen10za[FUNKY 69] b2b Th:baut [Equation]
Wahren.Boy [Birdcage] b2b Humb [Birdcage]

After two Petit Pop-Ups at Kobala and The Docks generating a particular interest, Petite Sneaker & Petite Agency are back this time to take over the Play-Station Room before the store opening.

Described as « sneakers dealer », Petite Sneaker's wish is to create not only a shoe store but also a place, to gather people around our different passion : Food, Art & Fashion.

Petit Pop Up will be above all an opportunity to enjoy their own "Petite stage" with DJs showcases, a private sale of streetwear pieces as well as a sneaker store photo exhibition.

[Come empty, leave loaded]

Instagram :

Entrance : 70k


Friday, 19 April

10:00pm - 5:00am

BirdCage | Alley 264 Au co. 1st junction turn right, Hanoi


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