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Coursera 16th_Marxism Series_On Vietnam subsidy period @ Bluebirds' Nest

Nearly a year ago, two Vietnamese generations gather in L'espace in a special satire exhibition. Idioms and illustrations are hang on the wall, making some laugh and some fall deep in reminiscence.

Join us this week to explore the reason behind that mix of emotions, to understand why Cong Cafe became so successful in terms of branding, or perhaps, draw an explanation for Northern "rudeness" ;). Altogether, these separate incidents are indirectly influenced by "thời bao cấp", the subsidy period of Vnese people. This will be analyzed in context of Marxism Series.

*Previous Event on Land Reform (with relevant materials)


*Required Reading/ Watching: (to be updated)

*Tentative Roadmap: Socialism Economics arguments, Subsidy Period in Soviet Union, Subsidy period in Vietnam (a historical and literary approach).

*Coursera Hanoi: A small discussion group exploring political philosophy together. Right now we are on the path to explore Marxist school of thought before moving to another series, likely on media & propaganda.


Friday, March 29

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Bluebirds' Nest | 13, 19 Dang Dung, Hanoi