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Group exhibition of 6 artists from Hai Duong
Opening: 17h00, Thursday, 14.03.2019
Venue: VICAS ART STUDIO, 32 Hào Nam, Hà Nội
Exhibition Time: 14.03.2019 - 31.03.2019
Free Entry
Media partner: Hanoi Grapevine

Six months ago, a group of 6 artists from Hai Duong proposed me their project of having an exhibition at VICAS Art Studio. I told them it was my pleasure but only when they present me a transformation in their artistic idea and style.
When I curated their paintings for this exhibition, I was really impressed with the transformation of the six artists. Each of them had his/her own style, all represent their artworks in either impressive and fresh expressionism or abstract. More surprisingly, their artworks’ themes were really close to each other such as old personal memories, the mythical stories about human, people and scenes in dreams... All seems to be deep in an imaginative world. Hence, I took that shared aspect to name this exhibition: DREAMING.
Pham Dinh Tung releases his imagination with mystery folks of the human such as Eden Garden and Heaven. It’s the first in a lifetime, he plays with a brush in a large canvas (150x350cm) without hesitation. A blend of colour lines and the looming of the figures have created a unique visual effect (blurring effect). because of that, the work is capable of presenting the illusory themes. I have a feeling that the bigger the canvas the greater he paints.
Nguyen Hung Cuong draws a series of paintings about stranger’s faces. It might be someone that he ever met in glance out there, it might also be the obsession of faces he had in dreams. Both painting and relief (lacquer on wood) about these “strange” faces or the witches in his imagination were created by distortion or malformation. Despite, it won’t make the audience feel weird or scared but familiar and normal.
Vu Van Long draws about his dreams by both abstraction and expression styles. Woman and sexuality are figures repeated often in his dreams: bathing swans or naked woman keeping flickering in his paintings, even it’s a sweet dream or nightmare.
Van Trong takes part in this exhibition with paintings about women. He doesn’t draw what he dreams but his reflection on sexual desire. Those fertility breasts and shining tanned skins of woman always be at the heart of his artworks. I think the best that I found in his current series is the psychological conflict between the strong and straight sexual desire of the artist and timidity and caution of a social person.
Each painting of Nguyen Tien Quan presents an old and fading memory about a place or an ex-lover. He works on lacquer painting in expressionism’s style which, in fact, is his breakthrough. I think, in this case, there’s no more suitable material to depict these themes than lacquer. The glimmering and blending of colour layers, of colour with women’s shape/curves highlighted by pomelo flowers will bring audience romance and imagination.
Phung Van Tue is quite different from others in this artist group from Hai Duong. He deeply falls into just colours. His artworks are the skilful combination of abstract expressionism and minimalism. Their figure modules are connected to each other to create large colour ranges that can bring immediately visual effect and affection.
In my opinion, this is a high artistic quality exhibition that worths for your visit!
Hanoi, March 1st, 2019
Bui Quang Thang
Artistic Director of VICAS ART STUDIO

Tuesday, March 26

9:00am - 5:00pm

VICAS ART Studio | 32 Hao Nam, Hanoi