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School Daze Comedy Night Hanoi @ Pasteur Street Brewing Company

Come laugh with Hanoi's top local and international comics talking about their School Daze, as a teacher or student!

Prizes for the best school-themed costume!

250k per ticket, includes standard pour beer.

30 Tickets available; Book early via Messenger to avoid missing one of the funniest nights of the year in Hanoi!

Host; Greg Andersen
Greg Andersen is a local Hà Nội comic performing at 7 Fridays and on his Facebook TV show: Midnight Curfew with Greg Andersen.

Ross McCarrick (IRE)
A 25 year old kleptomaniac who will steal your heart and your wallet.

Joy Kill (RSA)
Joy Kil is an artist and comedian from South Africa who has performed in various countries and been paid to be a human statue more than once.

Rimmi Johnson (AUS)
Cat/dinosaur lover, wannabe comedian, deadbeat at heart, travelling the world while time allows.

Minkus (VN)
Minkus has been a regular face in Hanoi's comedy scene for some years, but no one knows his real name(s). There are only rumours about sanitarium break-outs and school break-ins, but nothing can be said in public.

Erick Garcia (USA)
Californian by custom and New Orleanian at heart. Erick Garcia has been performing Comedy for 5 years, touching on topics such as racism, dating, politics and living abroad in Asia. Telling his jokes, Erick is not afraid to go dark to get his point across.

Claire Keown (IRE)
Claire Keown the original is currently dwelling in a parallel universe where pangolins rule the earth. Claire Keown 364, 982, born in County Fermanagh, Ireland, Orion's Arm, Milky Way, will be filling in for her tonight.

Jim Watts (UK)


All funds raised go towards the ILACN Build A School campaign for 80-100 children in Tra Vinh Province.

ILA funds all of ILACN's operating costs so 100% of your donation goes to this campaign.

A massive thank you to Pasteur Street Brewing Company for hosting us and donating beer and prizes to support this project!

And lastly, a massive thank you to all of our comedians and host who are donating their time and enthusiasm to help these disadvantaged children.


Monday, March 18

8:30am - 11:30pm

Pasteur Street Brewing Company | 1 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi