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Chef's Night Out #11 @ DeN

Friday March 1

100k (includes free drink)

Lạc Wine
Emily Richards

Emily Richards is a British singer-songwriter and arranger whose mesmerizing vocal loops can make you want to dance, laugh and cry. Emily is a great storyteller, manipulating her voice and writing to leave a lasting impression.

Limebócx is a groovy live electrùnic duo(traditional Vietnamese Ca Trù vs Electronic) based in Hanoi.

SheS - This Hanoi-based trinity weaves together light and dark to produce all original music. Creating compositions that journey from soulful rock, through punches of punk and pathways of thoughtful ritual.

Lạc Wine is the crazy duo project of Thanh Tu and Etienne (from The La Belle et la Bête's). They play cabaret folk that's sweet and funny with a theatrical vibe.


Friday, March 1

9:00pm - 12:00am

DeN | 49 Làng Yên Phụ, Hanoi