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HPF: Ethics of Pornography @ Puku Café and Sports Bar

Join the Hanoi Philosophy Forum for a series of lectures, small-group discussions, and artwork exploring the ethics of pornography!


**Content Warning**
This event will recognize the existence of sex, pornography, masturbation, masturbation addiction, and abuse against sex workers. No overtly explicit imagery will be used.

+ A series of lectures and small-group discussions led by Jon Dallas
+ Artwork by Lara Hardie Stewart, Lara Ross-Mcglynn, and Helena Cornelia
+ Haiku and/or Drawing Contest led by Truitt Urbanic
+ Music by Westley Venter

*Single Entry Fee*
Single admission tickets can be purchased at the door for 70k. If the entry fee restricts your ability to attend, please contact Jon Dallas

*Sustaining Membership*
Sustaining Member cards are available for purchase at the door - 5 entries for 210k.

*Late Night at Puku*
Though the event formally concludes at 10pm, Puku Café and Sports Bar never closes. Members are encouraged to continue the conversation at Puku as late as you'd like.

Parking is included in the cost of admission. Please be sure to validate your parking inside!


The Hanoi Philosophy Forum is a weekly, lecture and discussion based exploration of contemporary issues and historic philosophy. Our mission is to build community and overcome cultural barriers by providing space for public civil debate of heated contemporary issues, and to contextualize these debates with lectures and art. Find out more at www.hanoiphilosophyforum.org


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If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask here or contact Jon at jondallasjr@gmail.com


Wednesday, February 20

7:30pm - 10:00pm

Puku Café and Sports Bar | 16 Tong Duy Tan, Hanoi, Vietnam